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We offer a Yard Assessment service for anyone who needs recommendations for plants based upon the growing conditions of their yard or garden space. We draw upon our years of experience growing hundreds of different plants and our observations of how butterflies interact with those plants. We visit your yard to get an intuitive sense and feel tempered with logic for what plants would be suitable for your growing space. We then create for you a customized recommendation list of plants. 

donation based

Our assessment service is pay what you can afford or what you think the assessment is worth. Our experience is based upon the hundreds of plants we have grown in our habitat.

Customized Plant Recommendation List

We create for you a customized plant recommendation list. There is no obligation to buy plants from us. Any plants we do recommend that we don't offer or have in stock we will provide recommendations of where to purchase them.

Duration of assessment

Please allow for about an hour for us to walk and talk about your garden space, what your growing conditions are, what vision you have for the space, what kinds of butterflies you'd like to attract, and more.

Request a Yard Assessment

Our area of service is limited to within approximately 50 miles from Hillsborough, NC. We may be persuaded to travel further if given a good cause. Fields marked with * are required. Please allow us 1-2 days to reply to your request. 

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Please note: Assessments are available April 15th through September 30th of each year.

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