Community Outreach

Connecting with and engaging our greater community is the second essential part of our mission. We offer four ways in which we carry out this aspect of our purpose.

Public Events

We love attending events in which we can share our passion and knowledge of butterflies with the public!  We have both an indoor and outdoor set-up. If available we always bring live butterflies as part of our repetoire and will do a release. 


We offer Power Point presentations on a variety of butterfly related topics. Length and content of our presentations can be adjusted to meet your needs. You will need to provide AV euipment. We can also bring live butterflies to the presentation if available.

Guest Speaker

If AV equipment isn’t available we can still come give a talk to your group or organization! Many of our Power Point presentations can be converted to lectures or discussions. And of course we will bring our butterflies and caterpillars if available.

Backyard Butterflies Tour

Tours of our butterfly habitat are by appointment only, May through September. July and August are the peak times for diversity of species as well as quantity of species. Maximum of 15 people per tour. All ages are welcome. Photography is encouraged! No pets, please.