Touring Backyard Butterflies

If you are unable to attend our Open House on the Summer Solstice, we can provide a tour by appointment. A tour typically lasts about an hour or so. We welcome couples, families, homeschool groups, garden clubs, and anyone who is interested and passionate about butterflies! There is a limit of 15 attendees per tour request.

Planning for Your Tour

Our habitat is not the same as visiting a butterfly farm. The presence of butterflies changes daily, and even hourly through the day! If butterfly activity is minimal there is still plenty to see in the habitat! Our habitat supports all kinds of pollinators: bees, wasps, beetles, ants, bee mimic flies, and more. 


Tours can be requested May through September. The most active time for butterflies begins in late June and continues through mid to late August.

Butterflies tend to be active in the morning until midday. There is a lull in the afternoon of a couple of hours. By late afternoon activity returns until dusk.


We encourage you to bring your camera to capture photos of butterflies, insects, and flowers. Binoculars aren’t necessary as you’ll be able to get very close to the butterflies. During the heat of summer we recommend bringing cold beverages. 


Butterflies are solar powered! They do not forage in the rain. We will keep in contact with you about either cancelling or rescheduling your tour date if the forecast calls for stormy weather.


Life Cycle of the
Eastern Black Swallowtail

All stages of the Eastern Black Swallowtail life cycle happen within our backyard habitat. Each year we raise hundreds of caterpillars into butterflies on their host plants of parsley and fennel. Depending on availability, you will have the opportunity to interact with caterpillars, butterflies, and chrysalises. 

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Tours will begin on May 1, 2020 and end on September 30, 2020

Maximum capacity is 15 people per tour.

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