Clary Sage

Clary Sage


Salvia sclarea
Full sun to part shade
Medium wet to dry soil
4 feet tall
Blooms May to June
Bloom color white to lavendar

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Our Experience

We love clary sage and so do all the bees! The colorful parts on this plant are the bracts, just like with poinsettias. Unfortunately, we don’t know what color the bracts will be until the plant flowers, so you might get white or you might get the pink. The flowers resemble cobra heads complete with a little forked tongue.

This plant will easily re-seed itself and has a biennial life cycle. The first year it will be just leaves and it will flower the second year.

A large planting of them makes for a spectacular visual effect and will draw enough pollinators to have an audible buzzing sound.

We learned of this plant during a visit to Monticello where it was featured as an example of medicinal herbs.