Asclepias syriaca
Sun: Full to part
Moisture: Medium wet to dry
Height: 3-5 ft
Bloom time: May to August
Bloom color: Pink


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Pollinator Reviews

Our Experience

Common milkweed is our favorite source of food for voraciously eating Monarch caterpillars during the summer. Even though the leaves are huge sometimes they don’t seem adequate when caterpillars are rapidly eating.

It’s been our experience that this species of milkweed is moderately heat and drought tolerant. We recommend watering it regularly for best results. Some people cut it down after it flowers so that it can regenerate for the later part of summer.

This species of milkweed has delicate, unique floral aroma when the flowers are in bloom. We recommend providing this plant a large space in which to sprawl and create a colony of plants.

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