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Join us on April 1, 2021 for the seasonal re-opening of our online plant shop

Each season we offer a limited production run of uncommon to rare host and nectar plants that we grow from seed. Quantities of each species are limited and will not be restocked once sold out until the following year. 

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Host Plant Collection

Buy these plants to raise specific butterflies or moths

Host plants are the food of butterfly and moth larvae. These plants can be very specific to the species of moth or butterfly. For example, the Black Swallowtail caterpillar feeds on plants in the Apiaceae and Rutacea families. 

Nectar Collection

Buy these plants to attract pollinators

Nectar plants are used by adult moths, butterflies, other pollinator insects, and hummingbirds as sources of food. When they drink nectar from the flower they assist with pollination.

Milkweed Collection

Buy these plants to raise Monarch butterflies

Milkweed plants serve as the host plant for Monarch, Queen, and Soldier butterflies. We offer a selection of both native and non-native milkweeds to feed hungry caterpillars. 

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