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Our online Plant Shop is closed for the 2021 butterfly season. We will reopen next year on April 1, 2022.

Backyard Butterflies is a non-profit and volunteer organization. We rely upon revenue generated from plant sales, and tax-deductible donations to fulfill our missions. All revenue and donations are used to support our missions of education, community outreach, and providing assistance in creating backyard habitats.

We are a small registered nursery (License #8775) located in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Plant sales are how we primarily fund our non-profit organization. All orders are by delivery only, limited to within a 50 mile radius from our location. Deliveries within the 27278 ZIP code are free.

Each season we offer a curated, limited production of common to rare host and nectar plants that we grow from seed. Not all plants listed in this year’s catalog will return for the 2022 season. If there is a particular plant you are looking for, please contact us.

Our plant collections place emphasis on what insects find acceptable to use for nectar or host plants. Insects do not understand the human construct of plant nativity. We include in our collections those select beneficial non-natives that we have extensive experience in growing and observing how insects and other wildlife interact with these specific plants. We provide nativity information in the description of all plants that we offer.

Please note that quantities of each species are limited and will not be restocked once sold out. 

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Host Plant Collection

Buy these plants to raise specific butterflies or moths

Host plants are the food of butterfly and moth larvae. These plants can be very specific to the species of moth or butterfly. For example, the Black Swallowtail caterpillar feeds on plants in the Apiaceae and Rutacea families. 

Nectar Collection

Buy these plants to attract pollinators

Nectar plants are used by adult moths, butterflies, other pollinator insects, and hummingbirds as sources of food. When they drink nectar from the flower they assist with pollination.

Milkweed Collection

Buy these plants to raise Monarch butterflies

Milkweed plants serve as the host plant for Monarch, Queen, and Soldier butterflies. We offer a selection of both native and non-native milkweeds to feed hungry caterpillars. 

Native Plant Collection

Plants native to NC and the eastern US

Our collection is curated specifically for butterflies. Bees and other pollinators like these plants, too.

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Shop host plants by species of butterfly


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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an online store only at this time.

For a variety of reasons we don’t. If you live within 50 miles we will deliver them to you.

We require you pre-order all plants prior to delivery. All orders using a credit or debit card for payment must be paid for at time of purchase. Payment by check or cash for the exact amount is due at time of delivery.

We offer no-contact delivery. We wear a mask for all deliveries and will keep a minimal distance of 6 feet.

If you are paying with cash the exact amount is required, or donate your change back to us. 

No, but we offer Caterpillar Raising Workshops throughout the butterfly season. 

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