The Mantises of Backyard Butterflies

All critters are welcome in our backyard habitat. We are especially fond of mantises. We have natives and non-natives in our habitat. Yes, they eat butterflies. Yes, they Silently Judge from the moment they come out of the ootheca. No, they are not a problem. We still have dozens to hundreds of butterflies in our habitat. The behaviors and actions of humans are far more destructive than a mantis. 

Do mantises really eat hummingbirds? Yes, they do because we make it easy for them to catch hummingbirds by putting out feeders! Mantises are clever and will perch themselves where the food comes to them. A hummingbird feeder is an ideal place for a mantis. An alternative is to plant lots of flowers hummingbirds like such as salvia, native honeysuckle, beebalm, tithonia, and cardinal flower.

Congratulations! You found one of the many easter eggs on this website!

The Original Sister of the Silent Judgment

Eternal Silent Judgment

Mother Superior of the Backyard Butterflies Habitat

Returned to the Mother Ship

Sister Mary Agnes

Missing leg segment

Sister Agnes of God

Tastes like chicken

Sister Agave Maria

She is not amused!

Friar Soon Toby Eton

Sister Delicious finds him tasty

Sister Christian

Motoring on the fronds

Silently Judging Out of the Ootheca

Fresh out of the egg case